Port Orchard Church of the Nazarene is indefinitely closed.

We love each you who were a part of this family and community and shared your gifts, talents, love and hope ever the many years that Port Orchard Nazarene existed. You are each infinitely valuable to our Heavenly Father. We pray for your health and safety at this time and for you to be filled with His peace that passes all understanding.

May you continue “being the church” in your community and neighborhoods as you mirror our Father who “makes all things new” out of the chaos of our world.

  Even though the doors are closed and we no longer belong to Port Orchard Nazarene the church as an organization, we belong to Him and to His family where we are forever one in Christ.

At Port Orchard Nazarene our lives were touched and many precious memories were made through the years that continue to shape who we are.

That door will never be closed.

(This website will remain active temporarily until the name is changed and content updated to reflect an online community of non-denominational believers.)


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We Offer A Place At the Table For All!

Dear Friends-we-havent-met-yet…

In these days of political unrest and family crisis we desire to provide a safe place where all are welcome to the table. If you are spiritual, open to a connection to the Divine, been burned by religion, or don’t even know if God exists we simply want to invite you to journey with us. We don’t have any reason to be afraid of your doubts or questions because we know God isn’t intimidated by them….READ MORE

“Let’s celebrate God! He lavished every blessing heaven has upon us in Christ! He associated us in Christ before the fall of the world! Jesus is God’s mind made up about us!” –Ephesians 1:3-4 Mirror Word Bible