Study Questions and Points to Ponder:


1. What do you think about the idea of sin? Are you part of the problem or the solution?

2. We all want to be excepted and to belong, but at some level we are afraid that if someone knows everything about us they could never fully except us. Jesus shows us that God fully knows us and fully excepts us.

3. Jesus died on the cross. He died praying for the forgiveness of his killers. When he rose again he told his disciples to keep preaching the message of forgiveness.

4. Jesus came to show us what God is really like. Then Jesus gives us the evidence that whatever we do, have done, or will do, God forgives us and wants to be close to us.

5. For forgiveness to lead to reconciliation and reunion, it not only needs to be offered, it needs to be received. God has done His part, have you?

Next week we will talk about the powerful impact that the good news of the kingdom has for us today and the very “this-worldly” emphasis of the Gospel.