We Offer a Place at the Table For All!

Dear Friends-we-havent-met-yet…

In these days of political unrest and family crisis we desire to provide a safe place where all are welcome to the table. If you are spiritual, open to a connection to the Divine, been burned by religion, or don’t even know if God exists we simply want to invite you to journey with us. We don’t have any reason to be afraid of your doubts or questions because God isn’t intimidated by them.

We’re All About Hope!

Life is hard and life is messy. We’re not meant to go it alone. It is a scientific fact that people heal better in community but it must be one in which hope is central. We can’t survive without hope. Jerome Groopman in The Anatomy of Hope writes: “Researchers are learning that a change in mind-set has the power to alter neurochemistry.” We don’t believe in dead ends nor embrace any part of a hopeless theology but rather believe that grace and love never fail!

We’re Better Together!

Our world is in desperate need of more voices and hands to defend those without the strength to secure their own well-being. This is something we can accomplish best as a community because “none of us is as smart as all of us.” After you find your place at the table, we encourage you to find your team to help make the world a better place using your God-given gifts!

Unity, Not Uniformity

Our community is diverse because we believe in unity not uniformity. This means patience and understanding for those who might be in different places emotionally, spiritually or theologically. We invite you to come with your unique presence and gifts to help us make it even more diverse and WONDER-ful! We believe God’s only agenda for your life is to set you free to be fully yourself as He originally intended.

Mystery, Wonder and Beauty

We believe true faith possesses a major component of doubt and it is more about trusting, which means following while often not knowing rather than demanding to know and insisting that we do know! While there is mystery in the Transcendent, we call the Word or Logos, it is not because we can’t know anything about Him but because He can be infinitely known! In other words, the knowledge of His goodness can never be exhausted and we can never claim to have arrived!

However, the things we can know for sure remain our foundation for our journey of life and learning together “within the veil”: We know that God is Love and God is Good and that our original identity is His very own image and likeness. We believe, as one early Christian put it, God’s desire and highest joy is YOU fully alive! (Irenaeus). We want to make that OUR highest joy and desire as well.

Celebrating Your Story Within The Story

While we live inside an enormous overarching Story of Love and Goodness it encompasses the smaller stories of our communities while never reducing the significance of our own personal stories — we must cultivate and nurture all three. Each makes sense only in light of the others! Your story is inextricably linked to community which is then a part of an even Greater Story. We celebrate your life as it beautifully fulfills a place in our community and ultimately in His-Story of Love and Redemption!

All Of Life Is Relationship

We aim to cultivate an atmosphere of wonder and beauty found in God, others and the world around us and never reduce life to a formula or an idea. All of life is a dynamic relationship. It ultimately begins and ends with Family which starts at the table. We are a community in the process of building our trust and faith upon these pillars of God’s goodness and love around the freedom and abundance of His banquet table. Please join us around the dinner table as well as our weekly celebration of our union with Christ at the communion table. We’ll meet you at the table!


While we share our beliefs for “the hope that is within us” here on Our Vision page, we in no way exclude anyone who does not agree with it. We seek conversation with understanding to build relationship around an open table.