Our Vision:

Experiencing the Table – Sharing the Table: Blessed to be a Blessing!

Our Core Values:

As members of the Nazarene community of churches, we have three main core values:

1. We are Christ-Centered

2. We aim to be missional and incarnational in our culture as a church.

3. We believe holiness or “wholeness” is the truth of our being.

Here is how we uniquely desire and intend to live out together the above core values…

1. Christ-Centered:

Only Jesus Reveals the Father
Our vision and passion at Port Orchard Nazarene Church is to know the heart of the Father as revealed in His Son Jesus and as experienced through His Holy Spirit.

God Believes in You!
We have discovered that it is not our thoughts that define our Creator but rather it is His thoughts that define us! What becomes the context and the content of our faith is His faith in us as His image and likeness redeemed and revealed in Christ Jesus (Psa 139; Mark 11:22; Gen 1:26; John 19:30; Eph 1).

“Faith is not something we do to get God to do something back to us; faith is what happens to us when we realize what God has already done for us!” Francois du Toit

An Eternal Love Story in Christ!
We believe our story began not when we trusted in Christ or even when He died our death over 2000 years ago but rather before time began! This is where we were first found in the heart of the Father, Son and Spirit as we were birthed from their union of mutual love and fellowship. Therefore we are the creation of love; we are not a divine experiment nor the result of some deficit in God’s nature. We were born out of an overflow of love eternally existing in the Father, Son and Spirit. In fact, the Scriptures tell us we were found in Jesus and embraced by the Father before we were ever lost in Adam! The Godhead are continually calling us to their Table of mutual love, delight and fellowship. (John 1; 1 Pet 1:20; Luke 22:27; Luke 24:30).

God Has Declared Your Innocence in Christ!
Contrary to the voices of religion, regret (or your relatives) you have been made holy, blameless and innocent in Christ. In the Scriptures you are addressed as “saints” not sinners. And what you believe you are — that is what you will manifest. It is therefore our desire to affirm each person as a perfect and beloved image-bearer of our Creator and “blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ” (Gen 1:26; Eph 1; Col 1; Jas 3:9; Prov 23:7; 2 Cor 3:18: Eph 1: 3).

Christ IN You!
Religion tries to sneak in some distance trying to make you think that there is something you must do to bring God down or to get His attention. Nothing could be further from the truth: Jesus, who is the exact representation of the Father, is named “God with us.” He is with you, and even more…the Scriptures say that the mystery revealed is “Christ IN you, the hope of glory”! (2 Cor 5:14; Matt 1:23; Col 1:27).

“Do not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’ ” (that is, to bring Christ down) “or ‘Who will descend into the deep?’ ”(that is, to bring Christ up from the dead). But what does it say? “The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart,” Rom 10:7,8

2. Missional and Incarnational:

You’re Included
“One died for all; therefore all died.” No more “us and them” or the “clean and the unclean.” Because of Christ we are told to never judge anyone after a human point of view and to no longer call unclean what God has called clean. God believes in His finished redemption and invites us to join Him at His Table! This is the astonishing reality that creates in us an insatiable desire to invite others to His Table of Grace! (2 Cor 5:14-16; Acts 10:15; John 19:30; Matt 11:28: Rev 3:20).

Forgiveness Comes Before “Repentance”

Repentance, which literally means “a changed mind,” comes after forgiveness. But most believers assume it to be the other way around. One of the mottos of the Reformation was “God’s forgiveness precedes repentance.” The embrace of the Father was what changed the heart and mind of the prodigal. It is the love of God and His invitation to His Table that compels us! This is how we are loved and this is how we love those around us! (John 8:11; 2 Cor 5:14)


3. Holiness or Wholeness is the Truth of Our Being:

God’s Justice Is Good
Our Father has demonstrated the extent of His love by reconciling the world to Himself in Christ. This sacrificial expression of His love is the foundation for our understanding of all true justice as restorative. The word justice is the same word as righteousness: it is returning things to their original intention. It is the restoration of right relationship and wholeness to all people; this is the true meaning of holiness. It is where “the way of our being matches the truth of our being” (W. P. Young). That is why God calls us to “do” justice rather than to “get” justice. Our desire therefore is for God’s loving justice to flow through us to everyone we encounter in our homes, in our workplaces and in our community bringing them into alignment with the truth of their being (2 Cor 5:11-21; Micah 6:8; James 1:27).

“Heaven’s government is family. All of Heaven’s structure flows out of intimacy and relationship. Therefore, justice is ultimately the restoration of relationship. That is what it means and that is what we are to build.” Paul Manwaring

God’s Heart Is to Heal
The Father has declared us to be the Body of His Son, His Church, whose mission is “to fill all in all” with His love and healing. We are designed to heal in community. As we walk in our identity as mirror reflections of His heart of love and compassion it is our calling and privilege to offer healing hope and the hope of healing through prayer for the sick and the hurting in our church family and our community. This is the wholeness God has called us to reflect and offer (Eph 1:22-23; Luke 10:9; Matt 6:10; 1 Pet 1:16).

Our Historical Roots
We uphold the historical Nicene and Apostle’s creeds as they reflect the Story of God’s union as Father, Son and Spirit to love and redeem mankind, conquering sin, death and hell through the incarnation (2 Cor 5:11-21): “What He becomes He heals; what He assumes He heals.” –Athanasius

We are members of the International Church of the Nazarene.