“Lostness” implies ownership; you cannot be lost unless you belong. Following last week’s sermon on the Lost Coin, Lost Sheep and Lost Son, Laurie Martin led us in this heartfelt prayer for those loved ones who are lost but who nevertheless still belong to Him.

“Father God, we thank you that everyone you created belongs to you. We thank you that everyone is our loved one, because they are your loved ones. We thank you that you are always in relentless pursuit of all your lost loved ones. We stand amazed knowing that their lostness does not and cannot change that they always belong to you. We thank you Father that as much as we love them, you love them even more and that you are unwilling to live without even one. We thank you for redeeming us all and declaring your finished work in each of our lives. Today we declare your goodness to be revealed in their lives. We join with you Father in eager anticipation of their return to you. We will declare it until we see it!¬†We line up our words with yours so that they would know who they are in you. We change our minds to see our loved ones the way that you do as we agree to partner with you in breathing life into those around us and be the Jesus that restores them to relationship with you Father. We declare the signet ring restored to the finger of our loved ones that they would be fully reclothed in you. Thank you Father! Amen”

Listen to this song celebrating the return of the lost son by local artist Aaron Spiro: