First Aid Arts, a powerful training team for victims of trauma, will join our “Power of Story” weekend with Paul Young and Brent Lokker March 15th and 16th at 7 pm!

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Founders Curtis and Grace Romjue will share music from their hearts inspired by powerful stories of healing they have witnessed in their work among trauma survivors.

“The arts have been proven to be one of the greatest antidotes¬†to the negative effects of trauma on the brain, body and spirit.”

Since 2010, First Aid Arts have been leaders in bringing effective arts-based resources to trauma survivors and those who care for them. They provide training and support to individuals and organizations who want to offer effective arts-based care to survivors of natural disasters, human trafficking, forced migration, domestic violence, homelessness, and other types of trauma.

The following videos give you a short overview of the issue and scope of trauma and will introduce you to Curtis and Grace Romjue and their vision to “Love Creatively.”

Check out the beautiful work they are doing! Consider “doing what you love to undo what you hate.”