A midsection people sitting at a table on a indoor party, clinking glasses. Top view.

It has been said that “The Medium is the Message.” In other words, what you do and how you do something speaks volumes. This Sunday, December 29th, at 11:00, please join us around the table as we learn, share and eat the Lord’s Supper together. We desire to create an experience of our core values of being Christ-centered, incarnational, and a life of wholeness in Christ.


We believe that God is relationship and that it is most often at the table where the realities of our relationship with Him are experienced – everyday in our homes, in the community of believers and in our hearts where He desires to commune with us daily.


Answer His invitation to participate in the Divine relationship of loving and being loved by joining Him around the table, His Table of Grace. 


We hope to speak His heart to you through the simple and ordinary and make it extraordinary through the presence of His Spirit in us together! Join us this Sunday!

“It is Christ IN YOU the hope of glory”!