You say no? You say Thanksgiving always leaves you feeling stressed, exhausted and a little puffier or thicker around the waist? Maybe even a little crankier because you had to spend three hours sitting next to that yackety relative who always seems to violate your boundaries or bragged up the temptation in you to feel less than. Or perhaps in the buzz and busyness you even forgot to actually…give thanks.

Was this a thought, or memory, or your experience from Thanksgivings past?

Well, I’m actually talking about how giving thanks looks good on you, not the turkey or your relatives! But I’m not here to remind you like your mother that “you should just be more grateful” (we all know that). Instead I want to kindle the very thing that ignites gratitude from within: I want to remind you of your amazing position and inheritance at His Thanksgiving Table that is forever yours!

His Table has eternally been a communion of love and friendship flowing between Father, Son and Holy Spirit where they have always been grateful to just “be;” grateful to be together and grateful to be with us and in us. Their infinite capacity for love led them to frame a story so creative that no mind could ever have conceived its plot. They took our most creatively dark evil, the cross, and turned it into Their most creative act of love and redemption! You were so valuable and precious to them that They did not want to be God without you!

Does such knowledge seem just too wonderful? (Psalm 139:6). If it weren’t for revelation it would be considered too good to be true. But Scripture reveals that this very relationship of love around a Thanksgiving Feast is where You originated; it is a never ending flow of gratitude that has the power and beauty to sweep up each of our hearts in its wake because that is the true nature of Love. We only need to “come” in faith and “taste and see that He is good.” This Table continually lavishes you with an abundance “above everything we could ever ask or imagine” that will begin to overflow from Your innermost being to the world. This is the cup that runs over.

So, if we take in too much Thanksgiving we will expand, but not in the way we desire! But when we give out and offer up gratitude we begin to flow in sync with our true nature that comes from the heart of the Father, Son and Spirit. And that’s a beautiful thing. Receiving the abundance of love at Their Table won’t leave you tired, heavy or feeling any lack. It will only make you more radiant, more loving and overflowing with gratitude!

Take a few moments to use your imagination and become aware of this beautiful reality within you.


“Father, Your relationship of gratitude overflowed to create me and then pronounced me “very good” and then You “blessed me” (barak), meaning You knelt before me in loving adoration like a papa beholding his precious newborn child (Gen 1:28). But even when I turned from Your gaze to reflect an inferior expression of You and myself, You once again created life out of chaos and declared, ‘It is finished.’ …Thanks be to You for Your indescribable gift!”  (2 Cor 9:15)